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1, Hongji concept

A, the company vision - based on mining, Built to Last

B, the company mission - to integrate resources to create the value of giving something back to society

C, the company's goals - striving for the top national leading

D, to increase the value of capital assets

E, the company's core philosophy – Wikipedia , tenet

F, operating philosophy

G, the company philosophy - integrity management, people-oriented, based on practical, innovative

H, to cohere people with the cultural to regulate norms of behavior with the system

I, dare to take the lead for the world and to strive for the strongest

J, unity and cooperation ,  mutual trust ,  must be enforced vigorously passion

K, lines of values


Concept of Talentthe fit and proper person to the right place

Concept of  Wealth: financial enrichment Poly San people were scattered in a proper way with the joy

Concept of Ambition:nothing is impossile to a willing heart

Concept of Competition differences in the development of advanced vision

Concept of  Resourceto creat regenerated values with non-regenerated resources

Concept of Environmentalto create a harmonious environment and to build beautiful homes

Concept of  Securitypeople-oriented safety first

Concept of Qualityproducts depend on personality

Concept of Crisis Thrive in calamity and win in removing a hidden danger


2, Hongji logo


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