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Honggi Zhangjiakou agricultural science and technology development limited liability company was founded in 2008 July, located in Hebei province Zhangjiakou City Saibei Management District, south of the capital Beijing 160 kilometers, transportation is convenient. Companies registered capital of 60000000 yuan. A total investment of 700000000 yuan, with an annual output of 20000 tons of potato powder. Construction mechanization planting 57000 acres of base, supporting the construction of production workshop, storage library, a total construction area of 67552 square meters; production line and warehouse equipment all imported from Holland.

The company set up under the Zhangjiakou Hongji agricultural potato breeding center limited liability company and Zhangjiakou Hongji farming company, to build China's first-class seed potato breeding, planting potatoes, potato powder processing base for the purpose of enterprise development, realize the scale, mechanization, integration of production and marketing in the modern enterprise development model. The company is located in the northwest of Hebei Province, beautiful Zhangjiakou dam grassland Saibei management area, the cool climate, fertile land, no pollution, an average elevation of 1300 meters, sunshine is enough, large temperature difference between day and night, very suitable for potato planting and breeding.


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